Special Conditions

Do you have a learning or invisible disability?

e.g. Dyslexia, Attention Deficit Disorder, or Autism Spectrum Disorder.


If so, the University of Auckland offers a variety of academic accommodations, including special conditions for tests and exams.

You need to apply for special conditions, just like you did for school exams (e.g. NCEA, Cambridge, IB).
Special conditions are not automatic.

Apply as soon as possible, ideally before the semester starts, so that your special conditions can be processed in time for your first tests.

Applying for special conditions takes time.

Plan ahead!

Am I eligible?

Your documentation needs to:

  • Be from a qualified specialist.
  • Be current (i.e. less than four years old).
  • State your learning/invisible disability.
  • Specify your previous conditions.

Please check our criteria.

What conditions are available?

Special conditions may include:

  • Extra time.
  • A reader and/or writer.
  • Use of a computer.
  • Alternative room.

Special conditions at university may differ from school. Learn more about academic accommodations.

How do I apply?

Do this early:

step one Gather your documentation
(e.g. from your school SENCO, educational psychologist).
It is easiest to do this before you leave school.

Student Disability Services:

The ClockTower

Building 105, Basement Level, Room 036

22 Princes Street, Auckland 1010

Email: disability@auckland.ac.nz

Web: SDS Homepage

Inclusive Learning:

Kate Edger Information Commons

Building 315, Level 3, Rooms 328 and 330

11 Symonds Street, Auckland 1010

Email: inclusivelearning@auckland.ac.nz

Web: Inclusive Learning Homepage

Other conditions:

If you have a physical disability or diagnosed mental health condition, you may also be eligible for special conditions.
Please contact Student Disability Services.