Revising for Progress Tests

Before the test:

  • Set realistic and manageable goals for revision
  • Create a study plan and identify your strengths and weaknesses for each topic
  • Focus on active revision
  • Increase revision in the time leading up to the test
  • Use the practice questions: link

During the test:

  • Read questions carefully before writing
  • Read the scenario to get the context
  • Try to reduce the need to re-read questions to save time
  • Answer the easiest questions first

Taking care of yourself

It is very important to look after your health and wellbeing.  Make sure that you eat healthily, maintain a good sleep routine and engage in regular exercise.

Managing stress and anxiety

There are lots of helpful online resources and apps to help you manage stress and anxiety.  Here are links to some of them:

CALM -description

Headspace – app

PTSD Coach – app

Forest – app

Verywell Mind

Grounding techniques

Using affirmations and visualisations

MBChB Portal

The University of Auckland MBChB portal hosts a range of resources the MBChB programme, including clinical scenarios, which will help you with revision for the progress tests.

PASS Medicine

PASS Medicine is a UK based website which has a large range of test questions and answers to refer to when revising for tests.

Assistive technology


Add some stuff in here about AT?

Student Disability Services:

The ClockTower

Building 105, Basement Level, Room 036

22 Princes Street, Auckland 1010


Web: SDS Homepage

Inclusive Learning:

Kate Edger Information Commons

Building 315, Level 3, Rooms 328 and 330

11 Symonds Street, Auckland 1010


Web: Inclusive Learning Homepage